COME AWAY (2018)

Two dancers and a musician pursue the human longing for social interaction by investigating how cultural codes determine the patterns of relationships.

How do individuals approach each other? Which rules influence the dynamics
of human encounters? Which longing drives us to interact? How do social
conventions – and the urge to break them – affect our human coexistence?

The work is based upon the dances of baroque courts and treats them as an
analogy for interpersonal dynamics subjected to complex rules of behaviour.

A linear pattern on the floor, illustrating the established codes – a corset
as a symbol for the restrictions relative to conventions – two songs by John
Dowland which seem to express in a timeless way the neverending search for
the ecstasy of connectedness: these are the basic ingredients from which
COME AWAY is created.

Produced by compagnie O.

More informations, credits, dates here.

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