„IN THE LIGHT OF RECENT EVENTS“ is a commissioned work as short piece created with and for the students of the BA Contemporary Dance at Zürich Hochschule der Künste ZHdK.

Formally a research on light and shadow and on choreographed lights, the key intention behind the work was a choreographic work that involves diverse personalities with each one’s unique set of skills in the creative process, as well as a work on performance skills that go beyond individual representation.

The short piece that resulted from this process is also an abstract reflection on the meaning of light and shadow and their cultural associations.

Choreography: Marie Alexis

Music: Mladen Dabizljevic

Choreographic Assistance: Denise Lampart

Costumes: Berend Voorhaar & Sabrina Zyla, Karisma-Costumes

Dancers: Jacopo Bellani, Luke Begejy Gauci, Giovanna Doria, Margot Dugelay, Célia Lachat, Chloé Mallet, Sara Pigatto, Maren Kathrin Sauer, Veronia Scanferla, Martin Svidron

Length: 12min

Performances: 9./10. December 2020, 5./6. March 2021 | Theater der Künste, Bühne A, Zurich


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