Z.trone (2022)

Are there moments when we are guaranteed not to feel ashamed?

In its new dance production, the DOXS Tanzkompanie addresses this question and wants to know: How does no shame arise? Is that even possible?

A comparison is drawn between the feeling of shame and the yellow citrus fruit, the lemon. The feeling of shame creates the need to sink into the ground. You pull your head in, make yourself invisible. One becomes small, insecure, ducks. The body tenses up, one contracts into oneself.

Lemon? The acid makes the muscles contract in a similar way. Is it perhaps like someone squeezing lemon juice out of me?

DOXS dances a tribute to shame and its omnipresent, lurking existence. No one is safe from shame, or are they?

Do you want to know more about shame? Here is an essay containing the results of my research for Z.trone (German only). And below a video essay (German) combining text and video material from the creation and rehearsal process.

production: DOXS Tanzkompanie
choreography/conzept: Carina Neumer
dance/performance: Oriana Bräu-Berger, Steven Forster, Carina Neumer, Ilaria Rabagliati
dramaturgy/text: Marie Alexis
technique/scenography: Tim Goossens
music: Janic Haller & Joel Banz (Nährwerk), David Eliah Bangerter
assistent/second cast dancer: Milena Büchi
costume design/outside eye: Sandra Klimek
assistance costumes: Marianne Schoch
outside eye: Mona De Weerdt
mediation: Stefanie Olbort, Milena Büchi
voice: Dave Striegel
organisation/marketing/administration: DOXS Verein
coproduction: Schauwerk Schaffhausen, Alte Fabrik Rapperswil

photography: Milad Ahmadvand, Urs Berger

video essay (camera, editing, text): Marie Alexis

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