Choreography, or the organisation of processes in movement in time and space, is my primary field of work. I understand a choreographer’s role as a spaceholder for personal processes, a harvester of moments, a distiller of images. Choreography is the impossible task of abstracting human movement, hence abstracting the most concrete thing on earth. This challenge keeps me awake at night and awake, full stop. I work mainly on independent projects in the frame of compagnie O., but also do commissioned work for professional and non-professional dancers. I also offer my expertise for movement design in film and theatre productions, as a support to the director.

COME AWAY (2018)

Two dancers and a musician pursue the human longing for social interaction by investigating how cultural codes determine the patterns of relationships. How do individuals

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Building Bridges is an interactive performance for public spaces. It is a journey of discovery into the dynamics of human encounter. Playing with the basic

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Microballet for 1 dancer, 5 musicians and electronics. Commissioned work in collaboration with composer Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony and the pre-art soloists. In Slumber is an

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