Dear Visitor,

I am happy to welcome you here and to share my thoughts and work with you.

As an artist, researcher and thinker, I am busy with the immaterial side of life. I love what I do and I would not wish it any differently. But it is a fact that most of our work goes unnoticed. To quote a writer (unfortunately, I don’t know who it was anymore… sorry about unprecise quoting!)

„… I don’t know how to explain to my wife that even when I am looking out of the window, I am actually working.“

Dealing with the „condition humaine“ is more than a full-time job – it is a vocation, and it never stops. My eyes, brain, ears, and heart, work while sleeping, eating, walking, loving.

I want to offer my content for free, because it is my primary goal to share what I do and think and experience with the world.

However, in a world where value is measured in goods and services and currencies, the existential stress of making enough money to survive is a reality.

If you enjoyed my content, I invite you to show recognition with a small donation subject to your own idea of the value it has. Be it that you were entertained by a video, or inspired by a text, please take a moment to think about what it is worth to YOU. And, if you can, donate something to contribute to supporting a field of work that is under-recognized in our society.

While I feel a bit nervous about this request, I also encourage you to keep this in mind when reading or watching content of other websites and individuals. Even if they do not point it out to you – probably they are in the same situation. I bow to you in respect if you do give it a thought or two, and maybe donate also to others without request.

In the name of all of us who work for LIFE rather than for the economy: THANK YOU.

Marie Alexis, In der Ey 70, 8047 Zurich

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